pedigree Xantho


CH Tonggreen Sparrowboy

CH Damases Tarquol of Ryshot

Hallbent Contessa

CH Shargleam Blackcup

CH Kenstaff Whipster

CH Yonday Willow Warbler of Shargleam

Claverdon Flapper
CH Branchalwood Lochdubh

Tonggreen Starling

CH Tonggreen Squall

CH Leahador Dusk of Tongggreen

CH Palnure Pride of Branchalwood

CH Wizardwood Sandpiper

Branchalwood Linnhe

Glendaruel Catronia

CH Falswift Apparition

Gildesdown Kingfisher

Glidesdown Tabatha

Falswift Constellation

CH Shargleam Blackcap

CH Falswift Auriga

CH Halstock Primula of Ravencrest
CH Woodstar Linnet

Ch Kenstaff Whipster

CH Stantilaine Rory of Branchalwood

Glendaruel Christina

Branchalwood Lyne

CH Tonggreen Squall

CH Branchalwood Frisa

Branchalwood Maree


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